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150 for Change

Over the past few years, Design Outreach has worked to install LifePumps in rural villages in 7 countries. Many organizations and national governments have begun to take notice.

Specifically, the Zambian and Malawian governments have recognized its potential to transform the way the developing world gets water.

These governments have committed to work with Design Outreach to pilot the LifePump in their countries so it can gain government acceptance at a national level. This is a monumental moment in the LifePump’s history and could give millions more people access to safe water. Click here to learn why government acceptance is critical for widespread impact.

In addition, this year we plan to begin working with The Water Project in Kenya, strengthen partnerships and install more LifePumps in Haiti, expand to new countries such as Ivory Coast, and develop a robust supply chain in Africa.

This is a unique and rare opportunity to change the future of people across the globe who lack safe, reliable water.

As part of our 150 for Change campaign, we are looking for 150 champions who can help us create lasting change. Champions who will raise the funds necessary to see these projects succeed. Champions who will make possible a future with safe and reliable water for all.

Will you help us change the future for so many?


Here’s How It Works


Join our network of 150 for Change, and set a goal of $1,000 or more to help fund the future of the LifePump.


Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to help you reach your goal. There are countless ways to do this, and we are here to help you develop and implement creative ideas that work for you. By sacrificing just a few hours spread over several weeks, we can do this together and fight for those who need safe water around the world.

Fundraising Resources


In our efforts to change the status quo, every dollar counts. The funds you raise will be used to expand access to LifePump and change the future for many across Africa and Haiti.

We invite YOU to join us in making a lifelong impact.